Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Journey to Oregon

Etna was great, wow what a place! Friends, fun, water holes, skinny dipping, music, drinking, forest, mountains and lots of laughter. Right now we're in Ashland, OR visiting Winston's Dad. On Saturday we saw a play called Equivication at the Shakespeare festival which was fantastic and Sunday we celebrated Win's Dad's birthday with the fam. We'll be here for the week then on to Eugene to see Caitlin's sister and some Friends. Then we're on to Baker City, OR to see Cait's Dad's family and maybe do some boating, and camping.
Now your probably wondering to yourself, this doesn't sound like a lot of WWOOFing to me. Well, you'd be right. We really needed to see our fathers before we left, we won't be around for Thanksgiving or Christmas and we had to store our stuff somewhere. So it was off to OR first. Plus we're having such a great time. At the beginning of October Caitlin's Cousin is getting married in SF so we'll roll through town quickly then its off to NM to do some WWOOFing. WOOHOO!

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