Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Journey begins........

Here we are on our first stop....Burning Man!! We spent one week covered in dust and having a wonderful time meeting people, seeing amazing art and enjoying our time off after packing our house. We love the community that is created at Burning Man, everyone is looking out for each other and people care. Its an example of the way the world could work. We took our van out for its maiden voyage and it rolls like a champ! It is comfy with all its accessories and serves us very well. We have decided to name it Vincent Van Go. We have returned and are in the process of dusting off. Next stop is Etna up in the Trinity Mountains to spend some time with our good friends and then off to Oregon we go!


  1. Happy happy trails to you two and Vincent Van Go! You're off with big love and blessings on your wild adventures - xoxoxoxMama-cita

  2. Right on! Congrats on setting off on your adventure. Be safe, smart, and keep your eyes wide open, and listen with big ears.


    Be sure to stop by the Willow Creek China Flat Museum (aka the Bigfoot Museum)....


    xo G

  3. Thanks for staying tuned in. Y'all sound GREAT! XO/LA

  4. Ditto with the big love and blessings from la otra mamacita! Have FUN! xxxooo

  5. Winston & Cait~ I have been to Etna and Ashland and that is just the beginning of your big adventures. I wish you open hearts and happy veggies as you help Mother Earth~ You inspire me! Karen from TJ's @ Larkspur

  6. What fun, to read about your adventures. LOVE the pics that go along with the words, too! how very cooool, you two! Love, Beege