Friday, October 9, 2009

On to Baker City we go...

After Ashland we went to Eugene and then on to Baker City in Northeastern Oregon. Caitlin spent time visiting with her family and we went to her childhood cabin on The Snake River which borders Oregon and Idaho. Here we laid around, boated, swam, fished, target shooting, campfires and had ridiculous conversations. The cabin may not be around much longer so we cherished this moment very much. Caitlin wrote a nice little poem while sitting in the hot cabin swatting flies.

"The Snake"
What is this river you call "the Snake"
that winds and flows and rattles with shape
I leave a child wandering here
with mystic eyes and laughs of cheer

The snake is calm but angry too
with devil life beneath the blue
I left my friend here that I once knew
She was sweet and compassionately true

The sun is hot and the air is dry
a hammock blows in the windy sky
the bees are busy and here comes a fly
as I swat the life out of the little guy.

After we left the river we went to Caitlin's grandmas house where Winston got to really know Georgia. She is 87 years old. We left Baker and drove 12 hours to San Francisco where Caitlin's cousin got married at City Hall. We had a great ceremony and reception at the Caballo Point by the Golden Gate. A party followed the next day in Oakland with friends and family. It was very beautiful and lots of fun!

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