Monday, October 26, 2009

What we are up to on the farm...

Currently we are doing very well. It is getting colder and colder outside but still beautiful fall days. We recently had a thunderstorm and a couple days of rain which made everything nice and muddy. We are mostly splitting firewood for the winter, learning to make bread, cooking, cleaning and hanging out. The biggest project we have been working on is the passive solar house. We dug holes about 3 feet deep and put in the large Juniper tree trunks freshly harvested from the surrounding forest. Then we leveled them off and made sure they were straight. Caitlin made wooden pegs for keeping the structure together. We are trying to use hardly any nails. Today we sanded two more of the top beams and got extremely saw dusted!

This past weekend we made our first trip to Santa Fe, which is a very pleasant town. We have one more week here at Gavilan and then will be moving on to Calliope which is an hour and a half Southeast of Santa Fe!


  1. Wowee and cool as a cucumber......sounds like the perfect set of adventures to launch you deeper into your dream!!! Much love, Mama-cita

  2. You two are such an inspiration! Keep on following your dreams!