Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beans and Veggie's!

Caitlin harvested most of the beans as you can see in this picture. This consisted of picking the pods off the vines and then crushing in bags. After crushing the pods she put them in a bucket and picked out the empty pods and the remaining beans in the pods. After this she waited for a good gust of wind to come and blow the empty pod remains away. You can see all the empty pods on the ground. Yay for beans!
This is one of the greenhouses where mostly chard, arugula, collards and mustards are growing. It is luscious and green and keeps us fed every night. Every morning we open each side of the greenhouse and pull off the remay cloth so the houses can warm up. Then at night we put the remay cloth back down and close the doors to keep in the heat and the plants don't freeze. This is just one of the greenhouses. The other greenhouse which is much longer has some chard, carrots, shallots that we just planted and beets.

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