Saturday, November 7, 2009

Calliope Collaborative

Our life at Gavilan has come to an end and we have moved Southeast of Santa Fe to a farm near Anton Chico, NM called Calliope Collaborative. It is much warmer here being 2000 feet lower with almost 80 degrees today! We are living in a yurt which is next to a passive solar straw bale house with solar panels and solar hot water. There is a family of 4 with the kids under 5 years old. They are a very sweet family with lots of energy and motivation. There are 6 acres of farm near the river and irrigation with goats, a pig, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, 2 horses and lots of ducks. They have 2 greenhouses with abundance of greens, garlic, and onions growing right now. So far we have butchered one goat, (which was an experience), feed the animals, cleared weeds from the yard, made an herb garden, cleared tomatoes and tilled the ground with manure compost and planted shallots and we sheet mulched the front yard for yummy soil in the spring! We are learning a lot here and there is much more to come. We will begin mudding the walls of the straw bale food storage house next week. They are very knowledgeable about living simply, sustainably and close to the Earth and are constantly experimenting and trying out new things. We are having a great time here! More to come soon!

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