Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye Calliope and Our Journey Continues....

We finished our amazing time at Calliope Collaborative with a nice home made pasta dinner and some fun photos. We spent the last few weeks of our time finishing the roof on the cold storage house, taking care of animals, finishing some stairs and doing small projects. We learned so much from this farm and have learned many skills to take with us to other farms. We had so much fun with this family and will miss them.

Our journey has continued to Mora, New Mexico which is about an hour and a half from the last farm going North into the mountains. It is about an hour South of Taos and at 7600 feet. Currently the snow is melting from and huge storm and we are happy in a small Adobe house with a wood burning stove. We will be here through Christmas (Mexico is not happening) and possibly through January. We will be switching off and on with the two sister farms here, La Sierra Farm and the Hummingbird Ranch Community. It is a very exciting time and we are blown away by the beauty here and possible future home for us.

We will update more soon with a video summing up our last farm and some pictures of the beautiful farm here!

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  1. I am just checking in on your journey. I am so delighted you got to stay at Hummingbird. You must have met Katherine and Makasha ... yes? I am soo enjoying your blog ... what a wonderful adventure you are on.