Friday, January 1, 2010

La Sierra Farm

Life on La Sierra Farm was very peaceful and beautiful. We stayed three weeks and learned lots of new things while we were there. Winston got to explore some forestry and chain saw work. We both made our first very large book shelf that hung from the ceiling. Caitlin spent a lot of time seed collecting while sitting next to the fire in the Adobe. We learned to make bread, applesauce and canning. Our time there was a very full experience of learning, working and connecting with the land and the family there. It was a lot of fun because Winston got to reconnect with Marianna and Ania who are old friends.

Christmas was very mellow with a nice gift exchange in the morning and a potluck at the Hummingbird Ranch Community. We met some really great people and were very grateful for being welcomed into their home for the Holiday. This year was our first Christmas away from our immediate families and missed them. However the journey must go on.....

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