Monday, May 10, 2010

We found what we were looking for!!

After we left Burnsville, NC we ventured into the beautiful Smoky Mountains where we backpacked for 4 days. We met up with our friends who are traveling across country as well and had a splendid time. Besides Caitlin falling every 10 minutes and breaking her finger, backpacking went really well. After the Smoky's we got in our van and headed to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We arrived at a farm called the Pickards Mountain Eco-Insitute which is an educational farm that leads workshops, field trips, kids camps and other events.

After three weeks here at Pickards we have found our community and new home. We plan to move here in October where we will begin creating a Pachamama Alliance East Coast Hub. Tim and Megan Toben, the co-founders of Pickards, are deeply involved with The Pachamama Alliance and want to turn Pickards into a Pachamama event and retreat center. We have committed to making this happen and will be living here for a while. This is SO exciting to us and is exactly what we have been looking for.

The farm provides most of the vegetables and is totally off the grid using a windmill and solar panels. There is also a well for water. Several other people live on the farm, some residents and some WWOOFers. We are in love with the farm and the beauty of North Carolina. It is soo green here with fireflies at night and hot sweaty days!

We will be finishing our trip with an internship in July for 6 weeks in Virginia then heading back to the West coast to say hello to you all before we leave again! We knew we were going to find something wonderful on this trip and we can't believe how all of our dreams are coming true. It's so awesome!


  1. Wow You Guys! So fantastic that you found your new home! I am sure we will see you but I miss you already. So happy for you and for TPA and for the Planet we all love and who loves us.

    Blessings to you both. Can't wait to give you both a big squeeze and hear more about your new home.

    Love, Neal

  2. hey cait and win! we will be starting our year-long wwoofing adventure out west this summer, and would love to ask you a few quick questions. is there an email i can send you a message to? thanks...

  3. hi,

    my girlfriend and i are going to start wwoofing in NC this summer.

    could you describe more your experiance at the farm in Burnsville?
    would love to hear about it!

    -Daniel & Vi

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