Sunday, April 4, 2010

More pics.


  1. I am very happy to see you so well and here how much you are enjoying this educational adventure.
    Sending you much love,
    Dad (Joseph)

  2. So happy to hear that you've found a community where you fit in so well. Really like the Pachamam connection. What a great undertaking that should be!
    When I lived in Georgia going to school at UGA, I used to go to the North Carolina mountains and have rarely seen anything so beautiful. Chapel Hill, of course, is a great place to live near, so, while you're off the grid where you live, you're not really off the consciousness and social grid being near UNC.
    I'll plan to fly up to see you when you return.
    Oh, a funny side note. I watched Desperate Housewives the other night and they have a new character on the show who, Win, could easily be your twin brother. I was amazed.
    Only downside...he's a serial killer! (Is there something you're not telling me?!)
    Uncle Bill