Friday, January 1, 2010

Beginning a New Year.

Plans for January have frequently changed and keep continuing to do so. We are still very happy and so excited for our journey to continue into this new year. Currently we are near Las Cruces (still in New Mexico!), enjoying our visit with our friend Nicole and her grandparents farm. We are getting an interesting perspective here going from a small scale intensive organic farm to a large conventional farm that sells to places like Costco, Walmart and so on. The differences are huge, not just in size but in aproach. The bottom line is the driving force. There are migrant labors, pesticides, fertilizers, packaging and distribution. To say the least we think it is really interesting and great to see where a lot of our food comes from and what it takes to get a watermelon from the farm to the store to your table.

We will be leaving soon and heading to Texas for January. We will be stopping in Austin to visit friends and then on to a farm in East Texas until February. More to included. Internet is not easy to come by here so we are doing our best to let you know how we are!

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