Thursday, January 28, 2010

Glass Center for Sustainability Overton, Texas

Currently we are near Overton, Texas on a lovely farm. This is a 1300 acre property with a 100 acre lake and many large fields. This is the site of Daisy Bradfords oil discovery in 1930 where there is the biggest oil field in the lower 48 states. There are two and a half acres of thornless blackberries which we personally weeded and mulched. It is beautiful here and a lot of our work has to do with preparing for spring planting.

We have been on the road for 5 months now and are not broke yet! We will be continuing our journey East and hope to be in New York by July. We are doing very well and feel like this is exactly what we should be doing right now. We are now very used to life on the road and now consider our van our home. We meet very amazing people and see new and cool places all the time. Our idea of what America looks like keeps changing. We are now seeing what it is to live a self-sustaining life and that this is exactly what we want to create for ourselves. Being on the farms is a very grounded life with low stress and simple pleasures. Going into cities has become almost a shocking experience, fast and complex. It is exciting to move onto the next farm and next part of the season with its new task, people and places. We will be heading to a farm in Mount Ida, Arkansas on February 6th or 7th in the Ouachita National Forest where a lot of quartz is found. The most exciting events that have happened here was a ghost encounter and an amazing thunderstorm with tornado warnings!


  1. way to live life as one great adventure you 2!! lots of love and admiration, michael g ps coming back for burning man this year??

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us aware of your adventure and the experiences you're having. Also, the pictures are beautiful.

    As you're investigating communities, I'm also creating a community of leaders. You could say as well that you are learning from
    people who are leaders of a sustainable world.

    It's a good time to gather community
    and plan for the next stage of life. I am.
    You're very smart to be gathering one of your own (together with the one you are in here.)

    While you're traveling the highways and byways, I'm here in warm Palm Springs, swimming every day and having an investigation into what it must take to be Michael Phelps. I'm learning it takes quite a lot.

    So glad to hear from you.


    Uncle Bill

  3. What an amazing experience of life. New vistas and visions. They're lucky to be having YOU TWO on their properties, to contribute the way you do. And we all get to benefit. I love seeing the pics... more of you, too, please. Keep on truckin' and having life unfold!

    On the homefront, Fay and Ronn are in Sayulita for 3 weeks. My biz partner, Zia, just posted her new website,, with more to come. My new one is next! Somewhat a mirror of Zia's, with different content, natch! Love, Teri