Sunday, April 4, 2010

Through the Winter and into Spring.

We left Texas and went to Mount Ida, AR where we stayed with a couple for a week. The weather was not so great and we only accomplished a few things but the best part was we got to dig for our own crystals in a crystal mine. We moved on and stayed with a friends family outside of Little Rock, AR. (For those of you who know him, it was Larry Dean's family.) We had a great time chatting, watching the Olympics and seeing around the swampy part of Arkansas. From there went to Liberty, Tennessee where we stayed for a month and a half. Our internet was limited, hence the very delayed blog update, and phone reception was not so great either. We were staying in the back hollows of the Tennessee hills. There we got to watch the Spring unfold everyday and enjoy some time to ourselves. Our host was very friendly and giving. He has been a chef for many years and cooked the most amazing food! We met some great local people in Tennessee and put on an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. We got to experience Nashville and see a couple concerts. This is a condensed version of Winter but it was a very long Winter and now are happy it is Spring.

We left Tennesse and finally officially made it to the East Coast here in North Carolina! We are three hours ahead of the West Coast and are up in the Appalachian mountains. It feels great to be in the mountains again and Spring is unfolding rapidly. The family we are staying with are really wonderful with two kids and two other WWOOFers. Their home is very sweet and we were put to work immediately!! We have created a potato bed, planted potatoes, planted carrots, garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, peas and mulched raspberries and cleared brush. Last week it was 80-90 degrees, which was just wonderful, and worked full 8 hour days on the land. We couldn't be happier!! It is such a gift that we get to experience this life and these people. We wouldn't rather be doing anything else.


  1. What a gift to hear about the business of living your dreams....on the land, on your terms, loving each other. We're all taking note of the integrity between your values and your day-to-day living. Yay for you two! And happy 6th anniversary! No plastic eggs hidden today with $$ in them. But love you none the less! xoxoMama-cita Fay

  2. "We wouldn't rather be doing anything else."

    that is awesome. not many people achieve this. Im happy for you guys and hope to see you soon.

    Dave Dave Minto

    ps im so jealous...staying in the back woods and mountains of tennessee sounds amazing